"Earth’s distant orb appeared the smallest light that twinkles in the heaven; whilst round the chariot’s way innumerable systems rolled and countless spheres diffused an ever-varying glory. It was a sight of wonder: some were hornèd like the crescent moon; some shed a mild and silver beam like Hesperus o'er the western sea; some dashed athwart with trains of flame, like worlds to death and ruin driven; some shone like suns, and as the chariot passed, eclipsed all other light." From "Queen Mab" by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1813)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Folk Art Of Cactus County #17

Having pointed out in the last couple of blogs that the images in my work don’t always have meaning, here’s one that does. It’s called “The Truth Of Atheism Burns As Bright As The Surface Of The Sun”. The green stars reference the fact that all the elements of the natural world are born in stars; these elements are only released into the universe on the death of a star, hence the skull, which here is made of fire, like the sun. Blimey, plenty of meaning there then.
When I started this picture it was meant to be another red, white and black painting but after completing the border I got the idea of doing a skull made of fire, so threw out the original idea and just went for it. It’s acrylic on canvas, 36cm x 45cm. This might be the last painting I post for a while as I start the new day job next week.


  1. What arty drivel and BS you talk, like a Bristolian Brian Sewell. The punters will love it, get that exhibition booked sunshine.

    Imagine that was said by some wide-boy London chancer / agent. Oh it was.

  2. Well that you, him and his mother (and his mother was lying). N