"Earth’s distant orb appeared the smallest light that twinkles in the heaven; whilst round the chariot’s way innumerable systems rolled and countless spheres diffused an ever-varying glory. It was a sight of wonder: some were hornèd like the crescent moon; some shed a mild and silver beam like Hesperus o'er the western sea; some dashed athwart with trains of flame, like worlds to death and ruin driven; some shone like suns, and as the chariot passed, eclipsed all other light." From "Queen Mab" by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1813)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Eggs, Bunnies, Squirrels And Ben Folds Five

Well that was a pleasant Easter. I spent most of it painting, I can’t seem to stop at the moment but I made time to cook a rather nice roast dinner as well, even if I say so myself, exchanged lovely Easter goodies with Mrs Kitsch and we went to an art exhibition. All rather nice.
Here’s what I received from Mrs Kitsch.
The final season of Seinfeld on DVD wrapped in paper which she made extra Eastery with some fine Easter doodles, a chocolate bunny & walnut whips, a hand crocheted “science egg”, and then in cahoots with Mr Nuts the garden squirrel I got a squirrel badge on a handmade card and a splendid miniature statuette of Mr Nuts himself. I’m spoiled, I know it.
Knowing how to show a girl a good time, I took Mrs Kitsch to a great little exhibition at Room 212 on Gloucester Road on Saturday. It was a “Calm Air All Ice” presentation curated by our friend Camilla and her friend Claire and in the style of Sesame Street was brought to us by the number “52”, having work by 52 different artists. It was very good with some very nice pieces in there but I really liked how everything was displayed. Here’s some examples.
Mrs Kitsch and I are hoping to have an exhibition at Room 212 ourselves later this year. Watch this space.
Oh yes, it rained a fair bit, well it was Easter so it wasn’t unexpected but what was unexpected was hailstones the size of school dinner peas.
I’ve never seen them as big as that before, ooh er misses obviously, and they made a heck of a noise as they came down. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be out in that, it would have hurt a lot.
I’ve been continuing to cull the CD collection and went through a day this weekend where I heard mostly stuff I decided to get rid of. I’ve done a lot of that lately and frankly I really needed to listen to some music I loved, as all the “get rid of” stuff was starting to get a bit much. So I listened to the first Saint Low album and “Whenever You’re Ready” by Swell, both of which I’ve recommended on this blog before, but also “The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner” by Ben Folds Five which has to be one of the best albums ever made. If you don’t own a copy I strongly recommend you get yourself one, put it on and let it enrich your life. It’s quite dark, like a lot of the music I like, and maybe not to everyone’s liking but try it for yourself and see. Every track on this album is quite brilliant but if I had to pick one favourite track it would be track #3 “Mess”. Every time I play this album that’s the track I play again at the end, over and over. One of my top ten tracks of all time.


  1. You two are just so loved up, it's wonderful. Everything must be alright with the world if a miniature Mr Nuts can write and send an Easter Card.

    (ps. Enjoy your curry tonight...... )

  2. I got an Easter card from a dog.